Top 7 lies of womans that tell to the boys

“Top 7 lies of womans that tell to the boys”

Well, a woman tells lies too. Arguably, we do it better. Little white lies, half-truths told to keep the peace.  Maybe we even do it more often, but usually, it’s for a good reason. As everybody knows women are so mysterious! So enigmatic! And men? Poor, poor men. Left to figure us out all on their own. Sorry! We don’t mean to be confusing. We just are. So here are some of the sweet little lies of women.

Top 7 woman lies - 2

“Don’t worry I’m fine”

Oh no, she’s not. Women are emotional creatures! Sometimes, they get upset! When you ask your girl what’s wrong, it feels natural for them to respond with, “I’m fine.” If she’s using that terse, sharp tone – you know the one, when it sounds like you could use her voice to cut glass – she isn’t fine. Why should she spell everything out for you? After all, you should know why she’s angry. It’s up to you to figure out if you want to walk into her minefield or keep a safe distance away. Usually, your best bet is listening.

“I don’t know”

We don’t know (ha!) if we’re going to get a lot of agreement on this one, but we are of the opinion that a lot of times when a woman says, “I don’t know,” she does, in fact, know. Women are intuitive like a nuclear power plant is radioactive, and it is upon our internal sonars that we rely. Mostly, we do know. We may not be ready to tell you.
Top 7 woman lies - 3

“I’m not jealous”

Many women will pretend they’re not upset if they catch their man checking out another woman, but the reality is often quite different. We lie because we don’t want to seem uncool, clingy or generally jealous and insecure. Usually the outlet for this is doing the same in return and trying to make him feel jealous too!

“I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Whether you’re getting ready for a party or a trip, you want to look your best. It’s not your fault that it takes an hour to apply make-up, do your hair, and find a perfect outfit. It’s stressful being a woman. When he rushes you to get out, you might lie just to keep him quiet.

Top 7 woman lies - 1
“I didn’t get your text.”

When you’re hanging up with friends and your man suddenly texts you, you just pretend that you didn’t get his texts. You love your man, but you’re not always in the mood to text him back especially when you’re with friends. You can’t just turn him down without a reason, so you say that you didn’t get his text. He knows that it’s a lie, but hey, it works.

Top 7 woman lies - 4

“I’m not mad at you”

This generally happens after you’ve had a fight or disagreement. You can tell this lie in order to avoid a fight, but your face might give you away. If it’s clear that you’re angry, then it’s pointless to pretend that you’re not. Of course, when you’re angry, the sensible thing isn’t always the easiest. Hey boys, don’t hold your breath. Just apologize vaguely and give her some space.


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