Tips to Stay In Love Forever

Falling in love may seem like it happens without any effort at all, but staying in love can be a bit harder. Once you and your partner have moved past the first part of your relationship, you might find it harder to overlook certain things or you may have a hard time figuring out how to spend your time together. There are lots of ways that you can work together to keep the love in your relationship and keep it going for a long time. Here are some tips to stay in love forever.

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1. Create positive, loving relationship.

By contemplating a beloved person, you can create a psychic connection and strengthen your connection — even to the point of union. Positive connection can be created with the aid of visualization or fantasy. However, to be truly potent and to serve the purpose of psychic connection, a fantasy has to be real, credible, and “consistent with the desires of the heart”. What the ego wants is the source of many fantasies, but what the heart wants makes for a stronger soul connection. In order to allow for psychic connection, what you visualize has to be attractive to you on a deep, soul-satisfying level.

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 2. Experience, as fully as possible, the relationship you have created.

When your spiritual connection is well established, you are easily and naturally focused on your loved one. You feel full and complete. Although there is a feeling of spaciousness about spiritual connection, you also have a strong sense that the beloved is quite present and very close. In fact, the feeling of intimacy may be stronger than what one is likely to experience, even in a sublime physical experience. Finally, the more connected you are, the more energy you experience — and the energy only increases, rather than running down over time, the longer you stay in your spiritual connection.

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 3. Resist the tendency to attack and undo the reality you have created.

Do not doubt the experience once that experience is genuinely yours. Do not attack your experience with doubt or negativity, for if you do, you will thereby undo the relationship you have just cultivated.

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 4. Bring positive mind and positive relationship into the realm of physical manifestation.

When relating in the flesh, continue to use mind-power in a way that is useful rather than subtractive or reactive. Employ the mind so as to bring the aura of positive relationship into the context of “real-world” interactions. Instead of physically relating in lower, negative, out-of-control ways learn to bring positive mind to life instead of negative mind. Practice relating from a positive psychic place that you have positive control over, because you consciously create it.

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 5. Accept no substitutes for true relationship.

Do not relate to the physical in such a spirit as to believe that the physical experience of togetherness, or any other physical symbol of closeness, is true relationship. If you do that, you will forfeit the vigilance and mental responsibility that is needed to both discover and maintain true relationship and true closeness.

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