Tagalog Love Quotes Collections

Tagalog Love Quotes

Relationship Best Tagalog Sad Love Quotes Collections

1. Ang relationship, parang internet minsan may downtime but it doesn’t mean na walang connection.

Happiness is always around but it doesn’t mean that it was always present in a relationship.

Hardships and sadness are tests that make it worth fighting for. Stay strong. Remember what

keeps you holding on till the end.

Pain Pasensya Relationship Best Tagalog Sad Love Quotes Collections

2. Embrace the pain, nakakatulong din yan para makamove-on.

Pain makes us human. Take it all until it hurts no more and you’ll be surprise that you’re smiling

once again. Not long after, you’ll realize that you have moved on. All of those pains are just

lessons and memories.

Iloveyou Tagalog quotes

3. Ang pagsasabi ng I LOVE YOU, hindi yan kontrata na magsasama kayo habang buhay. But you can do

everything to make it happen.

Forever is in your hands. The only question is: can you hold on till the end? If you can, then

make it happen. Say those words for the rest of your life with the same person to whom you

have told it today.
Bagay Best Tagalog quotes

4. May mga bagay na kailangan mong paniwalaan at gustuhin para magkatotoo.

To be able to trust again after a heart-breaking relationship took a lot of courage. But if you

believe in real love, then it was the right thing. You wouldn’t know if you wouldn’t try. It’s better

to fail than to regret for the rest of your life letting go of something that was meant to make you

happy all along. You believe in forever? Then start over again.

Pasensya Relationship Best Tagalog Sad Love Quotes Collections
5. Ang pasensya kahit gaano kahaba, may hangganan. Ang pagmamahal gaano man kalalim, may

katapusan. The only question is WHEN?

Ending is the most anticipated part of every story but in real life it was the saddest of all. No

one wants to end the happiness that they feel but if the time tells so, there’s nothing we can do

about. So, what we can do best is to treasure every moment that the two of you are together.

So if it last, it will remind you of the good things that are worth remembering.

Lalaki Mahal Tagalog Quotes

6. Ang lalaki kung balak ka talagang lokohin, lolokohin ka nyan kahit bantayan mo pa yan.

If someone loves you with all his heart, you won’t need to guard him with all your doubting

stares and spy-like questions. Everything falls perfectly into their perfect places without even

exerting too much effort of jealousy. Love is free, with clear intentions and nothing but pure


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