Tagalog Love Quotes

Looking for Tagalog Love Quotes to post and share with your friends? Or you are just being emo today? Look no further because we have something for you. Below is another collection of tagalog love quotes for you to ponder about. Have fun reading!

1. Ang pinaka mahirap na KARIBAL sa pag-ibig ay hindi yung mga malalanding nakapaligid sakanya. Kundi yung minahal niya ng sobra, bago ka.
Well said. Every one of us had this so-called first love. And it was really hard competing with that person especially if you’re just the replacement of him/her. Comparison can’t be avoided, considering the fact that you know that he/she was happy with that person just before you came into his/her life. Though if you really love the person, you are willing to show and prove that you worth it. You might not be the first, but you can be the last!
Magparamdam tagalog quotes
2. Kung hindi ka pa sigurado, wag ka munang mangako. At kung hindi mo pa kayang manindigan, wag ka munang magparamdam.
If you’re still unsure of what you feel, never take the risk of confessing it to someone. What if it’s not real love? Just some sort of crush or infatuation that can easily be faded in time? You’ll gonna hurt that person for sure in the long run. And it’s gonna hurt more if he/she had fallen in love with you.

Exam Tagalog Love Quotes
3. Ang totoong nagmamahal ay parang matinong estudyanteng NAG-EEXAM. Hindi tumitingin sa iba, kahit nahihirapan na.
Loyalty and honesty is the best policy. You want your relationship to last long? Then never lie. Being honest and true to your partner is the key to happiness. Your conscience will never hunt you down and you will never have to remember something because you exactly know what you are saying.

Gusto Mo Tagalog quotes
4. Iba pa rin kapag napunta sayo yung taong gusto mo.
You can consider yourself the luckiest person on earth if that happens. Imagining that the person you care and secretly dreamt of is now with you and loves you at the same time. You feel complete and of course, happy. You had something money can’t buy.
Love Story Tagalog quotes
5. Minsan kahit nakamove on ka na sa ex mo, yong mga taong nasa paligid mo naman ang hindi makamove on sa love story nyo.
It might sound misleading but it really happens. You’ve already moved on. You never even think of your ex anymore. You are now perfectly happy with yourself because you have accepted the fact that cannot be undone. And guess what? Ang mga kaibigan mong magaling! They’re more affected than you. They’ve even bring back the memories of you and your ex, the regrets and everything. Masarap batukan di ba?
Love Story
6. Minsan may mga taong kahit super close na kayo pakiramdam mo, ang layo-layo nya pa rin.
This just proves that distance is not barrier of a strong relationship. What’s the use of being with someone if you feel like you were miles apart from each other when the fact is you’re just an inch away from him/her? And isn’t it wonderful how a person can make you felt at ease even if you were oceans apart? Which one do you prefer then?

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