Road To Happiness – 10 Simple Tips to be Happy

Road To Happiness – 10 Simple Tips to be Happy

We often ask ourselves how to be happy or how to make our lives worth living. Sometimes being to busy
makes us forget the true meaning of happiness and make us feel less motivated. So what is happiness? What is it that makes us feel that certain feeling that none of us can really put our finger on.

Let’s open our doors, step outside, and take a good look at the world. Let’s decide what we want it to be, and let’s go make it just that.

Pero paano nga ba? Paano natin mararamdaman ang tunay na kahulugan ng happiness? Well, here are simple things we can do.. Oo simpleng mga bagay lang, but these can bring a huge impact specially on our emotional aspects.

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1.Don’t take things for granted.

Love Everything you have. Treasure them, for without them life is meaningless.
Iapprecaite mo kung anong meron ka at pahalagahan mo kung anong nandiyan. Kasi
hindi lahat ng oras, mananatili ang mga bagay bagay. Nothing is permanent
in this world. Treasure them!

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2.Don’t let life slip through your fingers.

Don’t live in the past or in the future. It won’t make you grow as a person.
Wag kang mong sayangin ang bawat araw sa buhay mo sa pag aalala sa nakaraan
o pangangarap sa hinaharap. But still, don’t forget the past, for it lays the
foundtation of what you are now. Keep moving. Live your life as if there’s no
tomorrow, but don’t forget yout limitations. Life is not about counting the
moment. Life is about making every moment count!

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3.Never give up.

Don’t give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over
until the moment you stop trying. If you were tired, just take a rest but don’t
ever quit. We as people have to learn that just because we get knocked down,
doesn’t mean we have to let go of our dreams and give up. Pahinga ka lang wag
kang aayaw.

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4.Be yourself.

No one’s perfect. Don’t be afraid to admit that your’re less than perfect. You
should be yourself around everyone no matter what. Wag mong gawin kung ano lang
ang gusto ng ibang tao parang lang magustuhan ka nila. Gawin mo kung anong
magpapasaya sayo. As long as wala kang naapakan o naagrabyado. Maging totoo ka.
Accept your weaknesses while helping yourself grow.

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5.Take risks.

Don’t be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to
be brave. Risks are the essence of life. In the beginning, they are our instinct.
Take chances. Don’t be afraid of failures. Failures give us experience and makes
us wiser. Hindi masamang mabigo. It just to be prepared for every outcome

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6.Don’t shut love out of your life.

Don’t shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible. The fastest way to
lose love is to hold to it tightly, and the best way to keep love is to give it
wings. Anlalim no? Pero simple lang yan. To love and to be loved is free. Hindi
mo kailangang pilitin ang sarili mo na magmahal, o ang ibang tao na mahalin ka.
Love comes out naturally. Love is sweeter when it is true and it creates immeasurable

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7.Set Goals

Don’t dismiss your goals. To be without goals is to be without hope, to be without
hope is to be without purpose. Having ambition to be successful is key in getting
what you want in life. This makes your life more enjoyable.

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8.Don’t run through life so fast.

Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way. Wag kang
magmadali. Wag excited. Hindi lahat nakukuha sa santong paspasan, lalo na ang
long term happiness. Everything has its time. Have patience. Just Enjoy the ride.

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9.Stop comparing yourself with others.

Don’t undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are
different that each of us are special. If you took the strengths of others, and
compared them to your weaknesses, how do you think you’d size up? And do you think
this would make you feel good? Diba hindi? wala kang mapapala kung ikukumpara mo ang
sarili mo sa iba. Wag mo itong gawing dahilan para panghinaan ka ng loob. Instead,
make this as your inspiration in order to grow.

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10.Do things that make you happy.

Break the rules. Yes, the rules but not the law. Try new things. Think outside of
the box, for it will bring out the best in you. And these will bring you the real

Diba simple lang? “Don’t make things complicated” ika nga nila..

But at the end of the day, sarili mo padin naman ang masusunod e. Kung ano yung gusto mo..
Kaya kung di mo man sundin tong mga tips ko nasa sayo na yun. Kung diyan ka magiging masaya e. HAHAHAHA ..Sabi nga “Do things that make you happy.”.

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