Intro: You feel everything is new but you aren’t quite sure if it’s love. Or maybe it’s just your imagination for someone. But you are still waiting for the real and right person who can love you and protect you forever.


“You say, “I miss you,” it’s because you do miss him after a day apart. “

It’s not just a cute word to say, it’s a real feelings that says when he is part of your life now. When he is not with you in second or a minute you already miss him. You can’t do the task that has given to you because you miss him.

“You’re comfortable with him.”

You can’t put your responsibilities for him, but if he’s sick and needs your help to take care of him. When he can’t understand what the lesson is all about, you may help him because you are comfortable with him.

4th quote

“You feel safe when you are with him.” 

It’s hard to describe this feeling, but it is really the best thing in this world. Like nothing bad can happen to you because he is with you. He can protect you in possible situation; he will do everything for you. In this case you are feeling sense of safety and security.

“You always stalk his cute childhood photos.”

You always want to see all of his photos because you want to know who he really is. You want to know what does he looks like when he was young. In short you are stalking him and this is what you called getting to know you.

“You make your ways for him to know you deeply.”

It is simply because you want to be close with him. You want him to notice you. You do all your best for him to see you. And you never want to have failures because you think he will never notice you if you got that failure. It is one of the sign that you really want him to be yours.

5 quote

“You always wait for his replies and responses.”

Waiting for the replies and responses is just like waiting for the right one. One that having your expectation in one guy. You are waiting for his replies for you to know that he is OK, if he take his breakfast, lunch and dinner because you have care for him.

“You dedicate to him most of what you do.”

In doing your tasks in work is like very special for you, because you only dedicate all of your achievements. You are inspired to do your task because you know that there’s a man who loves you. And will protect you in situation that you can handle or in times of problem.


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