7 Lovely Logic’s

Logics that will surely enlighten you. But first, what is logic? Ayon kay Google, it is the use and study of valid reasoning. Valid reasoning. When does valid reasoning come into place? Ayon ulit sa kanya, valid reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way. Lalong pinadugo ba ang mga ilong nyo? Well, read this then.
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Leave all your worries of yesterday. Start a new beginning but never forget to make your mistakes right. Lahat ng mga hindi pagkakaintindihan ay dapat rin na ayusin. Why? Because it was like a ghost that hunts you down. You are being hunted your own conscience. And today, you were given another chance to fix it. And once you have fixed it… sabi nga sa kanta, let it go.

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Absolutely right! Pahihirapan mo lang ang sarili mo kung iisipin mo pa ang iniisip sayo ng ibang tao. As long as you know what you’re doing, there’s nothing to be bother about. Let them think what they want. You cannot control their brain. All you can do is made them realize how awesome you are!

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Everyone needs space. Even things need space to look good. Hindi naman maganda tingnan ang mga bagay na halo-halo at hindi nakaayos, di ba? So, it’s time to give your mind, heart and soul a break. Sabi nga ni Demi Lovato, give your heart a break.

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Your actions made you what you are now. It’s your own decision that makes you happy. Kaya gawin mo ang mga bagay na ngayon palang, alam mo na makapagpapasaya sayo. Things that you won’t regret when the new morn comes.

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You form your own tracks. You cast your own shadow. They have their own life, you had your own. They have their own sorrows and you have yours. Never compare too much. Kahit na wala namang masama sa pagkukumpara, hindi rin naman masama kung pagtutuunan mo muna ng pansin ang sarili mo. They have their own paths to take. It is for you to decide whether to follow their trail or create your own.

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If something was meant to happen it will happen. If something wasn’t for you, it will never be yours. So, why bother? Kung minsan sa kagustuhan mong malaman ang lahat, you just ended up hurting yourself. Clear up your mind. Work hard. Be happy. Take a rest. Have a good sleep. Come what may!

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That’s the best you can do. SMILE. Inspire others. And live the life you wanted. There you have it. The 7 lovely logic. Logic that is basically derived from experience rather than study. Logic na kakambal ng common sense. Logic na meron ang lahat ng tao.

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